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Happy Hour

What's the best beer? Craft, draft, bottle, can, light, dark, hoppy? That's a question with many answers. However, I think we can all agree on one thing... FREE beer is the best beer! But even with the sign behind the bar reading "Free beer tomorrow", we all know there's no such thing. The next best answer I would argue is CHEAP beer! And I'm not talking cheap in quality, I'm talking the cheap that doesn't hurt the wallet. Happy Hours are an honored tradition and can be found at most bars and breweries, but hours vary bar to bar, day to day, and hour to hour. With so many watering holes in Bend, we trusted with their local knowledge of "Hoppy Hours". Below is their directory to help guide your way through the abyss of beers! Make sure to visit for more "hopful" information!


Deschutes Brewery Public HouseBeer me! › $3.50 Imperial Pints 4:30p – 11p! Start the week off right! Bend Brewing Co.Beer me! › $5.00 Off Growler refills! Silver Moon BrewingBeer me! › $3 on select pints all day! McMenamins Old St. Francis SchoolBeer me! › $7.00 on select growlers all day!

Tuesday › Double trouble!

Bend Brewing Co.Beer me! › $3 Pints 4p – Closing Time! It’s Locals Night! Three Creeks BrewingBeer me!#TightWadTuesday!

Wednesday › Hump bump!

Boneyard Beer Co.Beer me! › $7 Growlers! Beer it up on hump day! Rat Hole BrewingBeer me! › $2.50 Pints. 6p – 10p. It’s Locals Night! Silver Moon BrewingBeer me Bonus! › $10 Pub burger and pint! Wild Ride BrewingBeer me! › Wild Card Wednesday. $1 Off on select pints all day!

Thursday › We choose the good life!

GoodLife Brewing Company Beer me! › $7 Growlers & $3 Pints all day! Three Creeks Brewing Company Beer me! › $7 Growlers all day!

Friday and just about every day!

10 Barrel Brewing Co.Beer me! › Everyday! Imperial Pints 24/7! That’s 20oz, not no stinkin’ 16oz. Cascade Lakes LodgeBeer me! › Monday – Friday Pint specials from 4p – 6p!

Craft Kitchen & BreweryBeer me!Monday – Friday Pint specials from 4p – 6p!

Deschutes Brewery Public HouseBeer me! Everyday! 9:30p till close pint specials!

Crux Fermentation ProjectBeer me! SUNDOWNER! Beer Specials & $2 off apps for :30 before, :30 after sunset!

McMenamins Old St. Francis School Beer me!Everyday! $3.25 Pints 3p – 6p & 10p – close!

Three Creeks BrewingBeer me!Mon – Fri! 3p – 6p. Hop-py Hour!

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